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Average hourly earnings are up 3.

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Inflation is 1. Irwin allows that the economy could slow as the effects of the tax cuts fade.

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But for now, the economy is in even better shape than the headline data suggest. There have been more job openings than job seekers for 13 straight months. Workers without college degrees have seen significant gains in their wages. Productivity growth is up , unusual at this point in an almost decade-long expansion. How should Democrats deal with the good news? In , denial took the form of emphasizing the issue of wage stagnation — but then wages stopped stagnating.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang’s Campaign for Universal Basic Income - The Daily Show

In the critics said the tax bill would provide nothing more than a sugar high for the economy, and yet the recovery has, if anything, accelerated. Now the Often-Wrong-But-Never-Humbled Department tells us the boom is really just a big fat Keynesian stimulus incurred at the cost of our ballooning budget deficits. Perhaps it is, but then how does the department explain the last 30 months of its doom-saying?

A Prosperity Agenda for Democrats

Eventually, of course, a recession will come. Recessions always do. More importantly, it creates the perception that Democrats at least those of the more ideological variety are secretly hoping for a downturn, both to help their electoral chances and vindicate their own past predictions. It is also not clear how the debate stages will be set, once the 20 candidates who will be on stage are confirmed. The DNC declined to answer questions on the stages.


Those July debates might be the last, best chance for some lesser-known candidates to jump-start their campaigns and make the next round in September. Qualification for a pair of fall debates in September and October features stepped-up requirements. Instead of hitting a donor threshold or a polling threshold, candidates will have to hit both — and both will be higher: 2 percent in four qualifying polls and , unique donors. That is expected to sharply winnow the field, with some candidates stuck at 1 percent in polls and others currently struggling to amass even half of the ,donor mark.

Other candidates, for now, are on the bubble, with no guarantees of making the stage. Booker and Klobuchar each have three polls, while Castro has one.

You Know I'm Right: More Prosperity, Less Government | Cato Institute

And as for everyone else? The remainder of the Democratic field faces a very steep climb to get to the fall debates — and many of them are counting on something big to change soon if they are going to make that stage. Skip to Main Content. Continue to article content.