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She starts dressing more provocatively, and indulging a new-found fascination with sexual adventures, some in a nearby adult bookstore, others without even leaving the elevator at Dr. Henderson's office. Eventually, Caroline attracts the attention of The Society, a shadowy organization of ultra-rich men and women who use their power and resources to bring their most erotic fantasies to life, with Caroline as the star! This volume of four, previously-published stories is 43, words of sizzling, hypnotic erotica that will have you as mesmerized as Caroline!

Show sample text content. It was a simple outfit — the ridiculously short tartan skirt showed off her pert ass and her long slender legs, made to look even longer by the high platform heels that clicked merrily across the tiles as she walked down the hall. The skirt was so short that she had to walk carefully to avoid flashing passersby, particularly since, as. Caroline desperately wanted to touch herself, to bring herself to the staggering climax she could sense, just out of her reach.

But she knew to move her hands from their position, clasped obediently behind her back, would mean breaking the rules of this strange game. So, she kept her hands where they were, despite her growing frustration. Whatever she had expected was going to happen tonight, Caroline had thought she would be playing a starring role. Had she gone through all of those elaborate preparations just to be an ornament at their drinks party? Approaching footsteps derailed her train of thought.

A single set — just one man, breaking off from the group to inspect her. He walked slowly around her. Having previously played on the pirate station Strong Island, the duo are promising an eclectic mix-up. Kiss have also started a website: www. Albums from Roy Davis Jnr. RonTrentand David Alvarado have been pencilled in for early nextyear. Trenthasalso recorded an album for Distance. Subtitled the 'Platinum Edition', as well as the originalalbum.

London Kentish Town Forum 1 6. Cardiff Great Hall 1 Reading Alleycat 1 B , Leeds University Newcastle Riverside 21 1. The duo are also the subject of a new documentary. AW; "Not particularly. Underwater welding can be fun. Only sweeter. Jungle insanity. We like. But we forgot to telLyou how to get hold of them. In anattemptto make stultifying journeys seem not quite as bad as they really are.

London WC2 LA2 Cambridge Com Exchange With mixes by Mr Pink and Picchiotti himself, it's out on October The plotthen thickened when we received a fax fromthe mysteriously- titied Children Of The Apocalypse, a cult claiming they had kidnapped the dolphin andthat it wouldn't be released until allthe captive tuna in the world were set free. Wethennoticedthetwo faxes had been sentfromthe same office. Hawtin shelved the project after he was banned from travelling from Canada to the US, having been caught playing live without a work visa. It's out on November 2. Hawtin is also appearing in an upcoming Channel 4 documentary about modern art.

Fancy that. But it seems Sinclar and Bangalter might actually agree on something for once. Oh what fun we had. Though perhaps not as much fun as at the school in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, where youngsters were buying crisps sprinkled with cocaine rather than salt from a stall at the school gates. The album includestracks from EPMD. Naughty By Nature. Asian Dub Foundation. Howie B and Coldcut. Lionrock's Justin Robertson had hinted that he wanted to return to making undergroundtechno tunes.

The Aloof, meanwhile, are writing newmateriaL. Whether the punters thought this was such a good idea is uncertain. Tyne And Wear. But following the finding of the jury, Scotland Yard has pledged to launch a disciplinary investigation into the behaviour of the officers involved. Blending house, hardcore and ska. The work of Leigh Guest, the other founding member of the early Brit rave outfit, all profits will go to the Michael Mensen Family Campaign.

A great record. They're at the heart of my set.

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Where do you buy your records? Virhich record neyerleavesyourboxP Anything by Tripoli Trax, especially the artist sampler 1 2-inch they brought out a while back. I really enjoyed playing at Trade in Ibiza. Energetic, groovy and euphoric. WhatareyourstrengthsandweaknessesP Tm too honest! Also, I can DJ for hours under any circumstances. Once I took a flight which took 33 hours to Canada, then played a six hour set. It was pelting down with snow, a bit like in that Nokia advert. Maybe I should have played the gig over my phone! AnyweaknessesP Well, 1 never want to come off the decks. And that can be annoying ifyou'reonafterme.

I have quite wide-ranging taste, really. Carter is exceptionally emotional - he loves music and he loves to move the crowd. Cox, on the other hand, is energy personified, and has amazing presence. But 1 enjoy almost all clubs. That makes me 29, before you ask. But 1 moved to Leeds years ago to be part of the scene. My first residencies were at Vague and Art a rave! How did you Start DJingP I used to play guitar in a number of half- baked indie bands, but needless to say, that all went wrong.

Then 1 moved to Italy and discovered all I really wanted to do was to play records.

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Whatsthefunniestthingthat'shappenedtoyouontheiobP I fell off the stage once when 1 was DJing at Wobble. I was wearing spike heels and fell forwards onto the decks, which are suspended on wire from the ceiling. After I had fallen on the floor, I took my shoes off and knocked the power switch off.

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It was a disaster! If the major labels get fed up with house music it may go back underground, and that would be excellent. Cheesy shit. What would you do I! What can we expect from you soonP Loads of new tracks, and an artist album soon on Automatic. It conjures up the whole James Bond vibe - late Sixties Bond girl atmosphere but with a weird edge to it.

Bernard did a lot of the music for Hitchcock films and this is very New York-y and reflects the sad edge of the film. I've identified with Travis Bickle in the past. So many rappers put on silly voices and so on but hejust sounds like he was bom to hold a mic. Pete Rock is one ofmy biggest influences - he can basically do no wrong.

The George Benson loop on this track is definitely one of his choicest moments. This, with jiroduction by DJ Premier, is amazing. Or maybe more. Tlic nuts. Charles Stepney produced this and he has to also be one of the best producers ever. Serious heads will know about these sorts of vibes, which combine Sixties pop vocals with psychedelic rock. It was originally a Jefferson Airplane tunc and Tom Scott gets his sax out and takes it to another level. It gets my teeth gnashing every time.

What can I say? This is Carl Craig with a really soulful, emotive record. Definitely a desert island disc. ToddTeny has definitely been a big inlluence on me. He came onto the house scene with a new way of looking at things, sampling and triggering oITsamples like hip hop but in a house style. A circle will have formed within bars of this starting. Breaking, for me, is as much about dancing as doing a ten minute headspin and tliis is great for both. A wicked producer in the Sixties, this is a bit spacey and psychedelic for him. Six months later it seemed the entire New York hip hop scene had got hold of it too and had taken it apart.

Oh well. Whenever I play it everyone just goes all soppy. I can put this track on, listen to it and then take the needle off and put it back to the beginning over and over. This is the B-side - basically the A-side without the vocals but with the Beasties talking shit instead and Rick Rubin jamming on the electric guitar. A stupid tune. MUZIK r The Rawkus rappers more interested in reading books than making dollars A couple of rappers are making a bit of money, so what do they do?

Spend it, of course. Blow their wedge. Bum dollars. On what? A bookstore. Yes, you read right. Mos Def and Talib Kweli, the two voices who make up Black Star, the act who are about to take hip New York label Rawkus up to an even higher level of success, have just bought a bookstore. No cars, clothes orjcwels. No, Nkiru Bookstore in Brooklyn, where Kweli has worked for a number of years and where these most intelligent of MCs have perfonned at poetry readings. Even tlie most gangsta, playalisriccat is gonna want to read a Donald Goines novel.

Mos, a humble man, claims to have been surprised. IJust thought it was tliese crazy white bovs with a little bit of money who liked to put out independent records cos they were freaks. Like they were spending up their tmst fund and annoying tlieir parents. And it was this, tlie Company Flow album and another single featuring Mos by a group called Reflection Eternal that forced Rawkus into the spotlight. Mos and Kweli had known each other since the early Nineties and working together seemed logical. Tlie Black Star is, after all, the name that Marcus Garvey chose for tlie ocean liner with which he envisaged taking African-Americans back to their African homeland.

The other shit Just stifles the art. Just being an artist 1 have certain responsibilities. What kind of person you gonna be? The governments of the world got together to build it so diey can send tiny particles smashing into each odier at incredible speeds. Collider use. No theory overload this time - Cristian simply sticks a line of Jamie's gravel-throated vocals onto the computer in their Brighton studio, then with a few swirls of his mouse instantly transforms it into a gurgling, filter- ridden ghost of its former self.

All of which leads us to his new album as Sunkiss for Plastic City. Mixed by Brighton homeboy Fatboy Slim. Muzik and Mobo awards nominated. Funk can l c when you die and turn back into the essence of the funk because you're stinking. It s that nitty-gritty low-down dirty filthy good feeling that makes you let it all hang out. I have hundreds of other records out there. But you need to be wary. You can count the 33 years that Jesus lived instead of after he died [? Who put them there?

These arc serious questions. Wotta choo - choo - choon! Ultimate Dilemma out now Ground - breaking, soul stirring, an album not to be missed. The underground breakbeat heroes bring you the release of the year. Check it. For this promo Deep Dish chose the director, rather than the record company. Shot in a day, 1 0 guys and girls were cast and Muds insisted on using actors and actresses instead of models. His Deep Dish ilKMoiilh apparently alarmed a couple of the girls, who left as soon as they saw what was going on. One of the men specifically asked not to be coupled with one girl as they had actually been in a relationship which ended sourly!

Where, you may ask, do Deep Dish fit into all this? Tracey Thorn wasn't available for the shoot -- she was pregnant at the time. Add to this a com] lcx, moral undertow and you have a potential film of the year. Much of its impact is due to the way director William Friedkin spends the first hour e.

Rats have been sent into space. Bear this in mind. After a while they get picked up by an alien spaceship and mutated into. Super rats! After hotwiring a saucer back to earth and with a rat population explosion, your job as one of eight Scratch Cats is to wipe the floor with them in this level-based 3D cartoon with the emphasis on image. Expect a series of merchandise bearing the Scratch Cats logo to come your way soon.

Richard Dawkins apparently loves it but then maybe he needs to get down the disco a bit more. Full roaming 3D and excellent graphics make this great to look at and play. Shit, running out of room for Playstation titles. The chart pages arc well presented with rftb, house and other genms represented as well as the main daily chart. The work ofJapane. Simple and subtle, the remarkable use of FI ash throughout makes this a definite must-see for all design freaks. Written with love, smothered with money.

Some of course are mundane - credit cards, MegadeUi. Even if all the council did was tell them to grow more vegetables on their allotment Arc you sure? MarK Jones tWaR of Sound Attended a sales conference with business partner Matt - dressed as European music journalists, complete with big black mullets, heavy metal T-shirts, skin-tight jeans and vile bombcrjackets, calling themselves Hans Jobb and Kurt Fachs. So Nonn turned the music off, pointed the troublemaker out to the whole crowd and tokl him to piss off. Wliich he did, meekly. Endless tea parties? East West The record label dropped The Aloof just as their top new album hit the shops.

Corporate wankers. Wurzel, guitarist with Motorhead, liasjust rclca. Leave it! The date? November 3. Do not miss. Darren Hughes What is it with club personalities suddenly all wanting to be on TV? Your name is now with the authorities, fatso. Batteries not included Available from most good electrical retailers 'T' CanonTalking Fridge Magnet Record a reminder for yourself by speaking into this talking fridge magnet.

H Travelling through a potential forest fire zone? BobSinclarWetWipe You know the routine by now; two, th ree, f ou r, five, six, seven, eight. And Wl PE! Who are they? What do they sound like? You cannot be serious. But it s not all kiddies songs," Billy hastens to add. Just sort of. Expressions of mood," Mark expresses, moodily. So they're a bit on the moody side, then?

Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movies - Erotic Mind 1

If we werejust playing over a beat, maybe we could move around and look a bit more rock n roll. What are they doing now? More of the same? Currently wiring up two Eighties portable CD players via some second-hand mixer you got down Dagenham market? Then you, sir, arc living in the dark ages and this competition is going to bring more light into your life than an exploding supernova detonating itself in your undergarments. Tliere are exclusive tracks from Katerpilla, Boundary Hunters, Thursday Club and Preq Nasty and loads more future electro breakbeat genius too.

Recently added

Watch out for a full review in the next issue of Muzik. There are far too many features to mention, but suffice to say, this is the ultimate home DJ set-up. The winner blags the lot, along with a copy of the album. Three runners-up get an exclusive dub plate witli uvo tracks off the album as used by Rennie himself to mix it, plus a copy of the album. November Wimim will be drawn at random from the mailbag.

Sorry, but competitions arc NOT open to overseas readers. Dean riminas - I e 1. K Rex - Mappericy I'ark, liinilyJoi. Edith Piaf. Somehow, French duo Sunshine Groove have worked with all of them and still emerged with their reputation intact. Hang on a minute, we hear you say. Yes, but in a world where virtual Beatles reunion singles are a reality, the humble sampler has helped establish David Chong and Bruce Keen as national heros in their home land. Sunshine Groove stir in unhealthy portions of insane comic book capers, multi-textured group jams and a twist of pure soul.

But what about those inevitable Daft Punk comparisons? David has clearly dealt with this one before. You recognise them instantly. He was so mad his music had been refused, he said yes. Whac would Daddy Warbucks say? After sandals with socks, seir-infiicted punk haircuts and shoes that look like Cornish pasties, what next? Still, bring on next year, we can't wait for Space ! And now he might slay for the winter!

Well, the Ministry have someone wandering round selling the little blighters. Still, at least it got us a bed for he rught. The King David Suite, London. THE event off the year - Muzik's annual handing out off our now ffamiliar smiley gongs to the winners off the most prestigious awards in dance music. But they came, in their thousands, they ffreeloaded on our noKsharge ffood and booze and they had it large as oversized sacks off nutbags.

So, over the next ffour pages, we present, ffor your delight, the whole off clubland collectively losing it at the party off the year. And ffor all the results, turn to Page 40 ffor a ffull rundown. We toasted them with strange Russian lager. Until we got quite stupidly drunk. Kissy kissy. This is really fantastic for the band, they put in so much hard work to make it a reality that you can perform dance music live on stage, not just using backing tapes ora DAT player. The spirit of the British raver is alive, it really is.

People say dance music is falling apart, but to me, people getting sploshed up at Glastonbury was amazing. We still have a lot of work to do. We all play music from our hearts and not because of marketing , promotion or whatever. The people, the ones who have voted have put us where we are today. We used to make these cut-up records for us to DJ with. And the mix album Just came out of putting these acetates on one album. Having seen the two stood side-by-side, we can reveal that Tom is around 1 5ft taller than Noel.

A limerick about buttocks. AM:PM belongs to Polygram now and my new label belongs to me. France has been off the map for music for too long now. I'm sitting next to Grooverider, and Carl Cox won something earlier on. They are two of the reasons I got into the dance industry in the first place and to be honoured in front of those guys is very special for me.

I am so honoured and proud to be given that award. Dance music has expanded so much and the music has become more sophisticated but it still has that independent spirit. Acceptingthat award tonight is for all those people who come out every Friday and Saturday night and support DJs and the industry itself.

Clearly moved, the Shoorn-ster thanked more or less the entire room, signing off with the line, "Viva house music. At the after-show party, the music definitely sounded better with this lot: Danny Rampling playing a Shoom set, Sasha an old-skool piano house mix, Carl Cox with sexy disco galore, Phil Perry witli classic funk and Norman Cook mashing up loud and lairy house. People are now really understanding what hip hop is. It went through different phases - you learnt about breakdancing and DJing, but all those things faded away and the only thing that remained was rap.

So now we bring back the true essence. I still love it all now as much as I ever have. It really did mean a lot to me. I love nightclubs and getting drunk and being stupid, not pop stars and 'Top Of The Pops' and this feels like my crowd tonight. So we all scarpered off to the after-after-show party at the Met Bar. Pah, and then that event was shut down. Will Brandon Block come out of retirement for the Caner prize? And, most importantly, will our bloody hangovers have gone by then? Worry ingly, we tliink not. Notorious B. Released 19th October. Here at last is the tally of awards from this year's Ericsson Muzik Magazine Dance Awards, some of them voted by you, others chosen by us, all of them reflecting just how dynamic the dance music scene is right now.

If anyone tries to tell that the music industry is in a recession right now, point them in the direction of some of our award winners and say them to open their ears. Then tell them to piss off. Making the final decisions was almost impossible, and some took the Muzik office closer to a mass outbreak of fisticuffs than ever before. Well, since last year, anyway. But now it's all over and we can get on with doing what we do best - having a damn good argument over next year's winners. Soul food par excellence. How come none of us ever have sessions like that? Ralph Lawson and James Holroyd are the residents, while the crowd is the perfect mixture of spotters and dressers.

Nobody deserves this award as much as Beer. So it only seemed fair to name the award after him, inspiring thousands of responses in favour of a DJ who many bel ieve will develop into the new Pete Tong. Banging house at its best. Expect even greater things. Even Maradonna could barely contain himself. Like Chris Evans on an east London Dirate his hyperactive blend of pumping house theonly show to checkwhiledioosingyour shirt Smahhln. The one award which makes the entire industry put their hand in their pocket and support what Muzik believes to be the best new name around.

Watch this man fly. From the blaxploitation genius of Dennis Coffey to the smooth, tight grooves of Azymuth, this is utterly essential. Africafunk - Various Artists Pioneered by the late, great Fela Kuti, Africafunk is a potent blend of gritty 70s James Brown inspired funk and traditional African music. A huge influence on many of the dance producers of today. Messrs Weatherall and Tenniswood remaster the electro, furlk and hip-hop sound that began on their debut album "The Fifth Mission".

Afro Elements and Blaze, plus the brand new unreleased track from The Heartists, Released 19th October overlOO stores nationwide or order by phone now on 33 45 78 All titles and prices are subject to availability at participating stores.

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  4. So hisset may have been watered down for radio, but the atmosphere from that intense Sunday afternoon in the sun somehow transferred to radio inspiring you lotto pretty much Ignore the runners-up. Cox deserves every bit of respect. Titty Twister. No bullshit, no attitude, just an endless stream of underground anthems with the occasional sormSingofpopcheese madeHooiChoonsthe fneltablLiJnershere.

    See the full st ory on page And some album by Ultra Nate. Rest assured the quality garage will keep on coming. EntertheFatboyandhis toolbag of bigger-than-average beats. A number one hit. Forget the band, the remixer was the real superstar. Ruhbyoneofthe most passionate people in the business. Massive leads on jungle, techno and house music in all its many guises. Call Free on for delivery dii'ecc to your home.

    Can you feel it? We reckon she can. Especially when it was Cornwairs stunning Carlyon Bay and Megadog were serving a top festival bill with their usual attention to detail, love, care and all musical genres respected. At a time when most dance music festivalswere becoming somewhat interchangeable. From the moment Radiol broadcast an appeal for information as to his whereabouts when he refused to return from Ibiza, there couid only beone winner ofthis award. And like all McCulloch ventures the toilets alone justify the award.

    Imogen Linn

    HIsradi show has developed Into oneofthe finest all weekend, while his set at Pacha In Ibiza for the Ministry was one of the highlights of the summer. Aside from recent achievements, his work for this scene over the years is best left to our feature on page Danny, we salute you. The PT and PT are inspired by the hnowledge that our turntables will be used by artists as instruments, not just to play records, but to create music. I ' go from Shoom to Radio 1 to spoctacularly losing tho plot. It was Ibiza transplanted with a London state of itiind and a British sense of excess. Far, far more than just a club.

    Others might lay claim to being the first acid house night, but only Shoom defined the era. From its smiley face logo to the dancefloor swathed in smoke and strobes, it set tlie pace for 1 The politics of dancing had changed irrevocably, and Rampling was in his element both behind, and famously in front of, the decks.

    There was such a feeling of togetherness and openness that it was magical. House music was sent from the stars to make us reassess how we look at the world. I believe that the Sixties were the first wave in this process, acid house was the second wave, and the third wave will come soon to take things to the next level. By 1 a wider audience was beginning to appreciate the delights of acid clubland and rave culture.

    And with this broader church of eyes-on-stalks WHAT did you get out of your Ibizan package holiday this year? A suntan? A straw sombrero? Problems with your lower jaw? A nasty letter from your bank manager? But something else happened along the way. He got more than a headache. He got a whole new cultural phenomenon handed to him on a plate. He got the music we all listen to. The biggest youth cult in history. House music.

    The music was absolutely mind-blowing. Up to that moment I had been DJing in bars all over London, aspiring to be the next Robbie Vincent or Jeff Young, but this Balearic house was something else altogether. It was pure inspiration. American tunes mixed with European sensibilities made Amnesia a melting pot where anything could happen.

    It was the Paradise Garage of Europe. The human energy was amazing. Our time had come at last and we knew this was a magical thing which had to be shared. Rampling had his own way of doing things. Wc wanted purity, unity and karma, and we felt the best place to achieve that was at a smaller venue. Our inspiration for the night was Pacha. What we wanted was warmth and sexiness, and the soundtrack to that was melodic garage with Italian house. Pure was an oasis in a dcscit of conformity. Back in London, Danny and Jenny revamped Pure into the mixed gay Friday night Glam, and a new clubbing institution was born.

    A high security institution, in fact: the club was notoriously difficult to get into. Which she did rather expertly, with a patronising flick of the wrist, we seem to remember. Glamour, extravagance were back in fashion. Throughout the Nineties the motorway and the airport lounge beckoned.

    Imogen Linn

    The BPMs and the acid content of his music were rising, and so was the number of guming blokes on his dancefloor. Visits to Thailand and the free party scene also meant exposure to the rapidly expanding psychedelic trance scene which he firmly embraced, much to the incredulity of those who remembered him for screaming Italian pianos and garage grooves. But I had always play xi the harder Euro trance stuff in my early days, labels like Eyc-Q and Harthouse, and anyway, the psychedelic scene reminded me strongly of acid house.

    It had the same energy, and sense of unity. Things did become more production-line in terms of sonics, though, and it all went a bit far. But don t forget that hard music is the mainstream in superclubs now - and I was playing it when it was unfashionable. Heavy touring coupled with even heavier partying led to nervous exhaustion and a breakdown in The wheels were coming off the Rampling-mobile, and rumours concerning his drug intake, sexuality, relationship with DJ Fat Tony and the state of his marriage were flying around clubland.

    The karma was bad, and people were even suggesting he was finished. Lost the plot. I believe in humanity and I have a mixed group of friends. Every weekend for two years or so I went to Trade; it was a place where I could relax like eveiy'body else. How many other DJs do you know who would do that? First of all he had to recover physically from exhaustion. Secondly, he has had to face up to separation from Jenny. His Millionaire Hippy project was dropped frbIttPecohstruction last month, after not making a record for three years.

    There are far more girls on the floor, for one thing, and not nearly as much Jaw-grinding. Also a qualified architea he brings this discipline to his music, constructing towering soundscapes that go beyond the conventional definitions of the genre. So how tough does that make them? Well, if you get angry, you could throw one out of a 3rd floor window. If you ride a bike, you could strap one to the wheel to tell you how long your trip was.

    If you play ice hockey, you coulc use one as a puck. If this sounds unusual, it is. G-Shocks are built radically differently. The core is surrounded by steel. The steel by ultra-tough urethane. The urethane by rubber dampers. The dampers by another urethane layer, built up to protect the face. The back is protected by shock absorbing flaps. Shock-absorbent urethane bezel 2.

    Fibre-reinforced resin casing 3. Buffer 4. Reinforced inside cover 5. Module 6. Buffer 7. Airtight sealing ring 8. Back Cover 9. Shock-absorbent rear capsule Shock-absorbent cushion wing Bezel retainer screw toughest diving and demolition experts in the world, wear them. G-Shocks were even worn by the Endeavour space shuttle team. The fact is that when something important is at stake - like your life - people now choose G-Shock. The ingenious proved to be perfect the most demanding sportSj like surfers and snowboarders.

    Clubbersj hip-hoppers, assorted street artists and DJs have also been converted. G-5hocks carry the technology. So as well as standard features such as stopwatches, alarms and Electro- Luminescent backlights, you can pick from a huge range of other functions to match your needs. It is more than a watch. G-Shocks are a new generation of super-watches and, by comparison, most big-name watches are simply out of their league. So how - and why - have the mighty fallen? Well, it started in 1S81 with a Casio engineer called Ibe Kikuo. And while Viagra may have been designed to provide a palatable treatment for impotence, much of the sniggering curiosity focussed on the.

    In other words, those looking for another drug to add to their growing recreational arsenal. Word in clubland suggests that a significant number of clubbers have already tried the little diamond-shaped pill, and many more are keen to do so. Hardly surprising given that MDMA increases the desire for physical and emotional contact - what better to complement the effects of Ecstasy than a drug which is supposed to increase one's ability to perform the ultimate union?

    In the true pioneering spirit of invincible youth, some have already taken the chemical plunge and lived to tell the tale, with various results. Beano has worked in Ibiza for the last four years and obtained his Viagra from a friend. I kept going for a while but guessed that it was just down to the E. I laid down knackered, then 20 or 30 seconds later I was hard again. After the second time every sinew in my body was aching. She just looked at me, smiled and offered to go halves on a box of them. I guess she disagrees.

    We were staying at the hotel and were going to go to the after party, but started having a bit of a kiss and cuddle in our room and one thing led to another. The foreplay was pretty normal, but when we got down to the nitty gritty it really did feel out of this world. Mark came four times in about an hour and a half. To be honest, 1 don't think there was really any difference.

    I think it might be dangerous if you're doing other stuff too, because it opens up your heart vessels. Given that the average age of death was 64 and that the major cause was a heart attack or other cardiovascular complications, it is understandably easy for the thrill-seeker to disregard the horror statistics. Apart from filling out a very basic health questionnaire, I bad my blood pressure taken, a stethoscope placed on my chest for a few seconds and that was it.

    It really is as simple as that. These companies claim to have in-house doctors who check all applications, yet most have offshore addresses. With mail order you are also susceptible to being conned - fakes from the Far East are apparently already flooding the black market. A special enquiry unit - part of the Medicines Control Agency - has been set up to track down illegal sellers of the drug, with offenders facing a maximum two year prison sentence or a fine. Indeed, the year-old owner of a Soho sex shop was recently the first to be raided for tiying to sell the drug and sixteen boxes were subsequently confiscated.

    SO what arc the facts about Viagra? Certainly, it is those witli an existing illness - particularly one connected witli circulatoiy or heart problems - who are most at risk. Viagra lowers blood pressure which can have fatal consequences if there is an existing abnormality. It is the lowering of blood pressure which makes any member of the nitrate family eg amyl nitrate so dangerous when used in conjunction with Viagra. Apart from the Buster Merryfield lookalike at Pacha, there are not too many 50 year old men out popping pills and snorting charlic eveiy weekend, so there have been no definitive tests involving Viagra in conjunction with either cocaine or Ecstasy.

    SOWw ti. The easiest way, but also the riskiest 3. Word of mouth, friends or dealers. Ask a US contact to get them on prescription. GHB is a narcotic as opposed to being an opiate and causes depression of the central nerv'ous system as well as affecting the part of the brain which controls respiratory functions. It is the un- predictability of introducing another element which is the problem. If you combine any of the aforementioned recreational drugs with Viagra then all you arc doing is increasing the unpredictability and therefore the risk.

    Physiologically, none of the others have this effect so there is no definitive contra reaction witli these drugs and Viagra. Essentially, combining Viagra with other drugs is like putting another bullet in the gun - Russian Roulette is scaiy enough with one bullet. So, in a recreational context, what of the reported multi-orgasmic six hour stiffics - why do they occur? The only reason that would happen would he a psychogenic one - nothing to do with Viagra at all.

    These kind of myths arc propounded by those who are looking at Viagra as a recreational drug. There are going to he some very disappointed people once they realise that all of this prowess nonsense is just hype. For a healthy young man, Viagra is going to be a complete waste of money - the only benefits will he his own misinterpreted conceptions. Fact: so far there have been no recorded cases of this condition known as priapism in connection with V agra.

    They were lOOmg, double strength, so only half a pill was required, but that still worked out at Cl 3. The trial night came around but I was so knackered that the Eappen family probiibly felt more like re-employing Louise Woodward than I did having sex. By lam, after taking the recommended dose, I was lying on the sofa knackered. During the course of the night, there were a few stirrings anc glory certainly seemed norc glorious than normal.

    Women who have already tried Viagra and arc prepared to comment have reported increased sensation during penetration, or claimed that if anything, they peaked too early or were left unsatisfied. There really is only one way to find out. When a man is sexually stimulated, neuro pathways are opened from the brain which send a signal that releases nitric oxide. This activates an enzyme into the corpus cavernosum M spongy bit that goes from soft to hard , allowing the inflow of blood. Essentially, Viagra enhances the release of nitric oxide, which also inhibits PDE5, the chemical responsible for flaccidity.

    In simple terms, if you think of the penis as a bath, then Viagra helps turn the tap on and makes sure that the plug stays in. It does not, however, turn on the tap by itself. Also, it should be said th it for the rest of the day I was feeling pretty up for it and only the minimal of coaxing was required to encourage the necessary response. It definitely fHt as though the Viagra played a part in this although according to the information on the packet, there should be no mtfasurable or of the drug round two.

    U influential quantity in the system after f Dur hours. So anyone expecting a buzz similar to Ecstasy should forget it. Back then, it was the. I know this, because I was one of them. And nowadays? You can call it deep if you want, but what he makes are simply monumentally good records: hardy perennials that rarely leave the DJ box. You might not have heard of him, partly because he has the public profile of Greta Garbo, but also because his career has been dogged by a series of minor disasters. Like not getting paid, for one. Or the distribution of bis tunes being so bad that even the FBI would've had difficulty locating tliem.

    To top it all, Symetrix are now, for legal reasons, knownas Low Rise. No matter. Because Charles Webster has finally delivered the album he's been threatening to for years. Not that Webster secs it as dancefloor fodder. Maybe some minor shuffling would be okay, but actual dancing is definitely out of the question. Guaranteed dancefloor shaker. Promoted last year, never released and currently stuck in litigation. Now she's the voice of Presence. What made you want to be a singer? I never wanted to do anything else. What have you been up to? So are you working on a solo album?

    Actually I started work on one album, which then turned into two. How did you get together with Charles? We were introduced by a mutual friend. Shara : It must have been a good hour or two. Shara : Not fashionably late, but legendarily late. Were you pleased with how the song came out? Oh yeah. I found the whole album soothing. I hate washing dishes and I had an urge to wash dishes when I had It on In the background. Just to do a scorcher of an album, I guess. That's my priority at the moment I'm mostly producing the stuff myself, but there could be other people coming into play in the future.

    Me then moved to San Francisco, where he launched his Love From San Francisco label, and back to Nottingham, where he launched the more track-orientated Remote.

    1. The Berenstain Bears Good Deed Scouts Help Their Neighbors (Berenstain Bears/Living Lights)!
    2. What Democrats Know About Prosperity;
    3. Product Details.
    4. Perpetually searching for something else, something new, Webster is already talking about making a more experimental album. One that moves spiritually closer to his beloved West Coast. All my audience arc used to house. The result Is a stripped-down, funereal shuffle which sounds more folk than disco. Or, frankly, anyone. That money could be better spent buying musical eciuipmeni. He might not be dressing for it, but success might well find Charles Webster sooner than he thinks. Stepback right 3. Step leftand dap above head 2.

      Step back left 1 Step right and clap above head 3. Down chaser 2. Knock back pint 1. Order pint and chaser 1. Stumble gleefully onto dancefloor 2. Swig on beer. Spark up 3. Salute your mates, indicating dearly how pissed you are 4 Rock backwards. Worry no more! Then you can follow this strictly no-hassles routine without even having to leave the com fort of your bar stool. Rightlegbackandlefl; rightami stretched up! Leftleg back and right: eft arm stretched up f. Vomit copiously on floor you heardthis one in Ibiza and it was wicked ii.

      Barry Ashworth.

      Wesley's favorite music & `

      DI, imhuwlialrcut- aboutiumim. Only with expense accounts and dangerously eroded nasal membranes. Talk of money rerouting into channels not entirely innocent to the chicanery of showbiz.